Leaking pipes and plumbing emergencies can be more frustrating than life threatening.

But to ensure the safety of your family, take a couple of quick steps before contacting the Pipe Monkey team. If you’re unsure, feel free to give us a call and we’ll walk you through a safety check.

Home Safety Checklist 1

Tip #1 : Know Your Home

Know where your shut off valves are for water and gas are located. Water & gas shut off points are usually located out the front of your property with or near the meters.

Tip #2 : Smell Gas? 

Your first step if you notice a leak or smell gas is to check your appliances are off and no switches have been left on accidentally. 

Shut off gas, turn off the power, ventilate and call us immediately. A gas leak doesn’t have to be large to be life threatening. Some of the most common gas leaks we attend are small, consistent leaks from broken or poorly installed gas lines to everyday home appliances like stoves and heaters. Taking appropriate steps to ensure your home safety is important. 

Tip #3 : Mop up water ASAP 

Burst pipes can lead to large amounts of water or sewage damaging your home.  For water leaks and burst water pipes, you can prevent serious water damage by simply mopping up once the area is safe. 

If you’re drains are overflowing you made need to get professional cleaners in to ensure areas are cleansed hygienically. 

Signs of a small water leak can we tough to spot. You might spot bubbled plaster on walls backing wet areas or stains to timbers. A good test is to shut off all water based appliances and check your water meter. If the numbers are still ticking over, you’re likely to have a small leak somewhere in your home. 


Tip #4 : For serious storm damage, call the SES or Emergency Services

If you’re experiencing server storm damage, flooding or other emergency – contact your local SES on 132500 or 000. 

Tip #5 : Prevention is the best medicine 

Taking simple precautions like cleaning gutters and checking your roof for repairs regularly can help prevent serious damage. It’s also important to ensure all your plumbing and gas is installed and maintained by a certifified plumbing professional – you can rest easy with a 7 year warranty on all workmanship. 

Call Travis and the team on 0422066118. We’re here to help answer any of your questions about home plumbing safety.