We’ve all been there on a crisp summers day – with an epic array of tasty treats lined up for the barbecue, ice cold beverages and mates on the way. Only to have the gut wrenching realisation… your gas bottle is empty.

We have some good news. Some gas barbecues can be converted to natural gas, and if you have gas already installed at your property, you might be in for a win!

No more last minute runs for gas bottles!

Let’s explore the top things you need to know about converting your gas barbecue.


First up, can the gas conversion done?

Not all barbecues are created equal. Do you research on your make of barbecue. As a general rule of thumb, the older and cheaper the barbecue – the less likely you’ll be able to convert it to natural gas.

All gas barbecues must be converted using a specific conversion kit made. The best way to check if this is possible is check your barbecues manufacturers website or call us – we’re happy to research your barbecue make for you. 

Never let a handyman drill out your jets.

This is an incredibly unsafe practice and can lead to complications with your gas – from leaks and inconsistent flow. Have an experienced plumber convert your barbecue with the correct tools and an appropriate conversion kit. 

We’ll have you cooking with unlimited gas, ready for summer.

Call Travis and the team on 0422066118. We’re here to help answer any of your questions.