Recently, our wonderful friends had a shocking experience. Prepping for a birthday party they smelt (and then saw) something you never want to witness.

A poo-nami had occurred in their backyard. Every time a toilet was flushed or a sink was drained, it came back.

So how do you avoid a dreaded poo-nami?

Or more professionally called, a blocked drain making a right mess of your landscaping at an unfortunate time. Who are we kidding? There is no great time to have a flood of waste, avalanching in your backyard.

Flooded garden 1

Have your drains inspected at the first sign of blockage

Drain blockages can be caused from all sorts of home waste. From hair and soap scum to kitchen scraps and bio-waste – we flush all this down the drain trusting modern plumbing and sewer systems to take care of it. Unfortunately, modern plumbing just can’t cope.


The first sign of potential blockages are:

  1. Rising and falling water level when you flush the toilet
  2. Water that takes longer than usual to drain from the bath
  3. Bathroom or kitchen sinks hold water before draining
  4. Water and a-hem…logged soil

If you spot any of these signs, it’s worth having a qualified plumber come and inspect your drains and sewer.

If you don’t catch the first signs of a drain blockage, what to do next:


Do not use toilets, showers or sinks- seriously.

As frustrating as it is, adding more waste to the blockage can cause more damage. You could also make a minor blockage spill over into your home and cause damage to your carpets and furniture.


Don’t wait for a blockage to compound in the hope it goes away.

Call the Travis and the team at Pipe Monkey Plumbing, we can help you with same day service at a time that suits you.