If you’re living in a mid century home in the Carrum, Frankston or Seaford areas – more than likely your home has been connected at some point to the main water supply by a galvanised pipe.


Over decades of use, sediment and trace minerals build up on the inside of the pipe and make the pipe smaller and smaller.

galvanised pipe

Think of your home like a heart, and the water lines as your vital arteries. If you have slight damage or blockage, it can cause some serious side effects to your homes health.  

Signs you might have a rusted water pipe.

Find the source of pipe blockage can sometimes be a simple process of elimination.  

Three years ago we rented a property in Seaford that had significant issues with water pressure and quality. All due to a rusted galvanised pipe.

We went through the process of elimination. First, the water pressure throughout our home was poor; we ensured that the taps were clean (removing the possibility that it was a localised issue in the bathroom), confirmed we had full pressure at the meter, and so determined that the main line was blocked between the house and meter.

We know how frustrating having reduced water pressure and quality can be. We’ve now dealt with a number of rusted water lines that due to decades of use, have become completely sealed tight with rust and dirt. 

Thirsty tree roots in the water pipes?

Tree roots can also block pipes when they seek out water – in many of the established suburbs like Seaford and Frankston, you’ll often have strong healthy trees and shrubs around your home. Always keep in mind where your water pipes and drains run when planting new trees. Plus keep an eye on wandering roots around concrete and drains.

In you’re unable to determine where the blockage is occurring, you may need the help of a qualified plumber and some specialist equipment. 

What you should do. 

If and when to replace your main water line is a decision best made with the input of a licensed plumber.

If your main line is made from galvanised iron, we will recommend replacement. Iron lines are prone to rust and can dramatically affect your water pressure. It’s often more cost effective to replace the whole pipe than to have multiple calls outs to repair sections of the pipeline.

Today’s new water lines are primarily copper or Pex PVC and we’ll work with you to find the best solution that suits your home and budget.